Extensive Water Damage Case Study


Client’s home damaged by water was beyond “normal repair.” The older home needed materials that were no longer available. Code upgrades were required for structure and for the electrical service. Some of the material was removed before we were on site, making matching difficult for the project. Client had put the house up for sale, relocated to Indiana, and required daily updates.


Coopersburg Construction prepared and outlined a plan that included communication with the client through daily phone calls and emails. The plan included creating custom moldings from samples found on site and custom millwork reproduced from photos. Engineering of structural upgrades was also necessary to meet code requirements. The electrical wiring was upgraded to meet current requirements. Research needed to be performed to match materials throughout home.


Client experience was positive throughout project with long distance communications and remote decisions. Home restored to its original appearance with improvements and compliance to existing building codes. Our emphasis on detail and quality helped client prepare his home for resale.