Commercial Construction Services

Do you own an office building, a medical facility, a restaurant, an apartment building, a beauty salon or some other form of commercial enterprise?  Are you thinking of moving to new quarters, expanding your present one, or just giving it a facelift?  Coopersburg Construction has helped many businesses, just like yours, to create a facility that was attractive and efficient, and reflected their pride of ownership.  So ask yourself a few questions – if you have a waiting room, is it inviting and spacious?  If you own a store or restaurant, is your entrance attractive?  How is the business area?  Do you have good maneuverability with plenty of filing space and counter space?  Are you trying to accommodate computers in an area not designed for them?  Does your floorplan have good flow, or do you need a traffic cop to keep from bumping into each other?  Are different functions in logical proximity to each other?  How about storage space – do you have enough?  Do you need to make your facility more kid-friendly?  If you are a doctor or dentist, is your lab well designed?  We are experts at turning dreams to reality, and since we have our own cabinet-making shop, our own plumbing division and our own painting/paperhanging division, we can do the entire job from A to Z.  This also means downtime is kept to a minimum, and in many cases, you need not close your business at all.  So whenever you are ready to build or upgrade, give us a call!