A new kitchen doesn’t have to break your bank account to remodel your kitchen. Whether you have owned a home for a long time or just purchased your first I think everyone knows that remodeling your kitchen can be a expensive task.

Let’s face it, your kitchen can make or break your home. If you went looking for a home with a real estate agent, the first thing they show you is the kitchen. Whether you realize it or not if you didn’t like the kitchen, you didn’t like the home.

But keep in mind, a kitchen needs to function. It needs to be comfortable to cook in. It needs to have the appropriate counter space to prep your food, and to work in. If you ever heard anything about remodeling a kitchen the main rule is, make the functioning part of your kitchen a “triangle.” In other words have your stove, sink, and fridge in a workable comfortable triangle. The bottom line is this, a kitchen is the most expensive remodel in a home. It makes the biggest impact of a home.

Below is some simple remodeling in your kitchen that will not break the bank. These are things that you can do to drastically improve the impression your kitchen has on people and will leave a couple of dollars in your pocket.

New Countertops
There are several types of counter-tops that you can replace your old ones with that will add a drastic change to your kitchen.

Paint Your Cabinets
Some people really like painted cabinets. It is definitely a different look. Most cabinets have a varnish, lacquer, stain or all of these on them. Your paint may not take very well to surfaces with those products on them without extensive prep work. In all honesty to really do a good job you will probably want to use a stripper followed by denatured alcohol to make sure the cabinets are free of those chemicals. If you are really after a quality job, you may want to leave this one to the pros. In other words, call your painter.

Tile Backsplash
Adding a new tile backsplash can drastically change, for that matter improve the appearance of your kitchen. A tile backsplash will add a whole new color and depth to your kitchen giving you a totally different impression as you enter. It won’t cost you a lot of money either. A great alternative to investing in an entirely new kitchen.

Replace Your Drawer Pulls
Just changing your drawer pulls can do miracles in updating your kitchen and at the same time save you hundreds of dollars.

Plan it out, talk it over with the rest of the family and go for it. These “quick fix” ideas could be just what your kitchen needed and cost you far less.