For some icicles are a sign of a winter wonderland or beautiful ice sculptures. Don’t be fooled. Actually icicles are a sign of potential damage to your home. They can be a sign of improper insulation, heat loss which leads to increased fuel costs and eventual costly damage to your home.

This is a pictorial representation of ice damming. Ice forms in your rain gutters, builds up on the overhang of your roof, and acts as a dam which then prevents water from flowing off your roof.

The water is created by the snow on the roof melting because of interior heat loss. This heat loss can be a result of improper ceiling or attic insulation. The lack of proper insulation allows heat to enter the attic, warming the roof and melting the snow. As this water flows down the roof it comes to the portion of the roof that overhangs the outside wall. This area of the roof is much colder and the water begins to freeze and build up creating the “dam”. As the snow continues to melt above the attic area, the water continues to flow and eventually creeps back up under the shingles.

Over time, this leads to water damage to the roof, rafters, insulation and could even result in water dripping from the ceiling and down interior walls. There are a number of solutions to consider. They range from better insulation to exterior heat tape or heat wire.

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