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Coopersburg Construction Corporation

New Home Construction

Building a new house is not something you, or your contractor, should approach lightly. From the all-important basics of square footage, materials, and interior systems to the finer points of flow and custom finishes, planning a space that will become a home requires careful thought, ample experience, and unparalleled workmanship.


Every homeowner is unique. That’s why each and every home we construct is different. There may be subtleties that separate one master bedroom from another, or one kitchen island from other — or huge contrasts in style and layout. But there is one unifying factor in each build that Coopersburg Construction is committed to: communication. Our goal in thinking about building your home is to listen to what you are saying. To you, this is more than a blueprint. It’s your baby. And it’s a huge investment. But we also work to be proactive — to offer suggestions that you may not have considered or may not be aware of. To ask questions that head off challenges before they surface. And to involve you as much — or in some cases, as little — as you see fit. We’ve worked with clients who came to the table with a blank slate. We’ve partnered with those who had binders filled with ideas. And we’ve teamed with everyone in between.

With Coopersburg Construction, you are choosing a corporation that will deliver YOUR best quality custom home. Because what makes a home “the best” isn’t the one that’s pictured in the magazine or on our website, or that won an award. It’s the best because it’s what YOU want. What you had a hand in creating. A place that — from the day we break ground to the day you lay down the welcome mat — creates a feeling of comfort, security, and pride.


Coopersburg Construction is a builder known for top quality materials. Unsurpassed service. And for exceeding customer expectations. Whether you are a local client, or heard about us through word of mouth, we approach new construction as you would a first meeting: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Every new home is a “first” for us — and because of that, we view every new build as custom. We care about every interaction. And, because we’d like to serve you (or your friends or family) in the future, we go out of our way to work with others as we would like others to work with us.

Coopersburg Construction was built thoughtfully, and with attention to details — all-important details that have made us known as sticklers for quality and service. That focus has served us and our clients well, and has become the foundation for superior custom homes and an industry-leading reputation.

Years of experience have taught us that new construction is about more than floors, walls, and a roof. It’s about combining wants and wishes with plans and precision. It’s about friendliness and professionalism. But most of all, it’s about bringing your best home to life.

Other companies may claim to be as good, but our long list of distinguished, satisfied clients speaks for itself – they can all attest to our superior building and project management expertise. Interested? Read Our Testimonials!