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Let Coopersburg Construction Take Your Dream And Turn It Into A Reality

New home on your mind?
Coopersburg Construction Corporation

New Home Construction

Building a new house is not something you, or your contractor, should approach lightly. From the all-important basics of square footage, materials, and interior systems to the finer points of flow and custom finishes, planning a space that will become a home requires careful thought, ample experience, and unparalleled workmanship.


Every homeowner is unique. That’s why each and every home we construct is different. There may be subtleties that separate one master bedroom from another, or one kitchen island from other — or huge contrasts in style and layout. But there is one unifying factor in each build that Coopersburg Construction is committed to: communication. Our goal in thinking about building your home is to listen to what you are saying. To you, this is more than a blueprint. It’s your baby. And it’s a huge investment. But we also work to be proactive — to offer suggestions that you may not have considered or may not be aware of. To ask questions that head off challenges before they surface. And to involve you as much — or in some cases, as little — as you see fit. We’ve worked with clients who came to the table with a blank slate. We’ve partnered with those who had binders filled with ideas. And we’ve teamed with everyone in between.

With Coopersburg Construction, you are choosing a corporation that will deliver YOUR best quality custom home. Because what makes a home “the best” isn’t the one that’s pictured in the magazine or on our website, or that won an award. It’s the best because it’s what YOU want. What you had a hand in creating. A place that — from the day we break ground to the day you lay down the welcome mat — creates a feeling of comfort, security, and pride.


Coopersburg Construction is a builder known for top quality materials. Unsurpassed service. And for exceeding customer expectations. Whether you are a local client, or heard about us through word of mouth, we approach new construction as you would a first meeting: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Every new home is a “first” for us — and because of that, we view every new build as custom. We care about every interaction. And, because we’d like to serve you (or your friends or family) in the future, we go out of our way to work with others as we would like others to work with us.

Coopersburg Construction was built thoughtfully, and with attention to details — all-important details that have made us known as sticklers for quality and service. That focus has served us and our clients well, and has become the foundation for superior custom homes and an industry-leading reputation.

Years of experience have taught us that new construction is about more than floors, walls, and a roof. It’s about combining wants and wishes with plans and precision. It’s about friendliness and professionalism. But most of all, it’s about bringing your best home to life.

Other companies may claim to be as good, but our long list of distinguished, satisfied clients speaks for itself – they can all attest to our superior building and project management expertise. Interested? Read Our Testimonials!

Let’s start planning that next renovation

As we approach the holidays, the last thing on your mind is a home renovation project. Who wants their home in the process of being remodeled right before the holidays? Actually, now is the perfect time to begin that project you always wanted to do. The first stage of any project is the planning stage, and to insure that it goes smoothly, you need to put the appropriate amount of time into the planning phase. It’s the time when you work with your contractor to develop ideas, designs, and layouts. It’s the time to visit suppliers’ and contractors’ show rooms to view sample items such as flooring, cabinets, bath and kitchen fixtures, moldings, trim, doors, and windows to name a few. It can take a long time for this process, but it’s a very important part of any project.


Let the design specialists at Coopersburg Construction help you plan that next project. We have the latest software design tools for that perfect kitchen, bath, or recreational room. Start the planning now so that colors can be selected, materials can be ordered, and plans and permits can be finalized, so that renovations can begin right after the holidays.

Let’s get started! Call us today at 610-282-4717, and we’ll be happy to use this time to plan that perfect renovation.


Other companies may claim to be as good, but our long list of distinguished, satisfied clients speaks for itself – they can all attest to our superior building and project management expertise. Interested? Read Our Testimonials!

There are many moldings out there, how do I pick the best one for my project

Moldings enhance the appearance of any room, but selecting the right material for your project can be tricky.

As you start your molding type and material selection process, first consider where the molding is going to be installed and how you plan to finish the molding.

For interior applications, if your objective is to apply a painted finish, your choices would include, from least to most costly, pre-primed finger jointed pine or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), paint grade hardwoods such as poplar or lightweight plaster type moldings. Pre-primed moldings are relatively inexpensive, easy to finish and come in a large selection of popular styles / sizes.  Many of the more detailed moldings come in the paint grade hardwoods.  These moldings require more prep work prior to painting.  Plaster type moldings have a look like original plaster moldings found in older homes and are installed using drywall joint compound resulting in a seamless finish.  Many large and ornate profiles can be found in plaster type moldings.

If your objective is to see the natural beauty of the wood, you will want to apply a clear finish to the wood, as well as a stain if desired.  Stain grade moldings are available in most profiles and can be custom made if required.  If the moldings are made from a soft wood such as pine, a wood conditioner is required prior to staining to alleviate uneven coloring. Harder woods are not as prone to this problem.  As stain grade woods are more expensive than paint grade, and the installation is less forgiving of inexperienced jointery, it is best to have a professional install these moldings.

Exterior painted applications are typically trimmed with the cellular / PVC moldings (ie: Fipon, Azek) which are able to withstand the elements better than a natural wood product. These products require priming prior to finishing, and a quality exterior finish paint will give the best results.

What’s in a Brand?

Our company was formed in 1975 in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. Over the years we have installed, sold, and recommended many products for our clients’ homes and commercial buildings. These products need to last and work with minimum maintenance.

Our choice of brand products have assured our clients the best results in all the work we perform for them. Using a top brand may be a little more expensive, however it will work in the end.

  • Lehigh Valley Builder’s Assn.
  • PA Builder’s Assn.
  • National Assn. of Home Builders
  • Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau
  • PA Ground Water Assn.
  • National Ground Water Assn.
  • EnergyLoan from AFC First
  • Lennox Industries Dealer
  • Jacuzzi Dealer
  • Marlo Water Treatment Dealer
  • Mohawk Carpet Dealer
  • Congoleum Flooring Dealer
  • ATS Water Treatment Dealer

A Commitment to Tradition

Our company was formed in 1975 as a plumbing company operating under the name Fred Derby & Son Plumbing. Although we started in the Coopersburg area, we began branching out into other parts of the Lehigh Valley and were soon well known in the area. As the housing boom of the 1980′s hit the Valley, we began to expand the scope of our work to building and renovating homes, which was a perfect addition to the plumbing business. We purchased several tracts of land to develop. With the opening of I78, the commercial growth in the Valley greatly expanded, and the company was fortunate to be a part of it.

By 1988 this growth was large enough that we incorporated the company in the state of Pennsylvania as Coopersburg Construction Corporation, with Fred W. Derby as President. As the 1980′s turned to the 1990′s, the company’s further growth pointed to two things: a painting company and a new name for the plumbing company. Thus was born the two divisions of Coopersburg Construction – Coopersburg Painting & Paperhanging and Coopersburg Plumbing Co. Today the company has 20 plus employees and a fleet of 24 silver trucks proudly sporting the CCC logo in burgundy and black. We are proud of our past, and hope never to forget the lessons learned from it. Every year we look forward to new challenges ahead.

5 Steps for Developing Home Remodeling Plans

The first step you need to do in order to tackle a home remodeling or custom home construction project is develop a set of plans. There are 5 key steps that should be followed when developing your home remodeling or custom home construction plans.

Step 1: Specify your Home Remodeling Design Objectives

With paper and pencil, or computer, list your home remodeling /construction objectives. For example, are you looking to add another bedroom, build a family room, remodel a kitchen or build a custom home? Include in your home remodeling design objectives the dimensions of the new living space(s), the budget available, and the timeline for completing the project.

Step 2: Sketch Out Your High Level Home Remodeling Plans

Using quad-ruled paper and pencil, or a computer and a home remodeling software package, sketch out the basics of your home remodeling plans. Include in your sketches top level dimensional information, wall locations, door and window locations, and any key features of particular interest to you. You may want to take a look at a few house plan books to gets some ideas in sketching out your high level home remodeling plans.

Step 3: Review Existing House Plans

If your home remodeling or house plans are relatively straight forward, you may be able to purchase a set of detailed plans on-line or via a house plan magazine, that meet your specific needs. Pick up a few house plan magazines and/or look on-line to see what might work for you. There are literally thousands of home styles and sizes to choose from, and the cost of these plans is relatively inexpensive compared to employing an architect to develop a unique set of home remodeling or house plans.

Step 4 Develop Detailed Home Remodeling Plans or House Plans

After documenting your high level home remodeling or house plan objectives, you can now get down to work fleshing out all of the details. This includes specifying the actual dimensions of all the rooms in your home remodeling or house plans, as well as specifying the myriad of details such as lighting and flooring choices and their locations, appliance makes and models, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, paint colors, interior trim styles and colors, and even landscape items when applicable.

All of this information is critical for having meaningful house plan or home remodeling plan discussions with an architect or designer.

Step 5: Meeting with an Architect or Designer

With a clear understanding of what you are looking for in your specific home remodeling project or house plans, you are now in a good position to meet with an architect or designer if you feel no stock house plans meet your needs.

The architect or designer can then take your home remodeling objectives and plans and transform them into a full set of construction plans to solicit home remodeling contractor bids and obtain construction permits.